Group Learning

  • Masterclass - ​​Group learning in which the guest teacher teaches one student at a time in front of a large group of students who are there to benefit from the points brought up. 

    • Typically a large group of students, only a few students participating by performing - the rest participating by answering questions, giving comments, and engaging with each other.​

    • Could also be more of a Clinic setup in which all students participate by performing in a large group setting all together so that no one feels singled out. 

    • Results in students being inspired and motivated by hearing their peers and learning from someone in the field and understanding music at hand better without having to play it solo. Students get to hear repertoire and performances that they may not be yet able to produce in person. 

  • Clinics - Group learning where a guest teacher teaches a large group who all play at the same time, wherein each student will get a chance to play, even if just for a short time. 

    • Typically a large group of students all playing together at the same time, rather than one playing and others watching and listening. ​

    • Could also be geared toward a specific topic such as tone production, technique, scales and patterns, lyrical playing, articulation, specific passages of music, mock auditions, solo preparation, performance anxiety, or reed care and maintenance. 

    • Results in students who have more confidence to play more often and work with colleagues to maximize learning. 

  • Section Coaching - Group learning where a section of a band, orchestra, or whole small chamber group play together.

    • Typically the guest teacher listens, helps to adjust balance, makes sure all parts are correct and heard, while teaching basic musicianship performance skills like eye contact, body communication, cueing, working as a group to run a rehearsal, score study, recording analysis, and camaraderie building. 

    • Results in much more synchronized section or ensemble sound because students are taught how to listen and work together to achieve results and critique themselves and others in a constructive and kind way. 

© 2022 by Vanessa Davis, Clarinetist & Instructor

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