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Current Students of Dr. Davis have unlimited access to the following available upon logging in (by clicking on the icon above Home) as they become available:

  • Special preparatory materials for the District, Region, and All-State Competitions posted 

  • Full studio (across district) masterclasses and clinics for studio students only

  • Scheduled Virtual Group Warm-Up Sessions with Dr. Davis and other studio members

  • Individual Boot Camp Sessions on special topics such as

    • Tone Development

    • Voicing and Intonation

    • Finger Movement

    • Developing Technical Skills

    • Learning Music

    • Practicing Music

    • Articulation

  • Articles on various topics such as practicing, instrument maintenance, and other tips and tricks from Dr. Davis

  • Dr. Davis's Clarinet Podcast 

  • Unlimited recording evaluations

  • Texas Clarinet Newsletter

  • Much more!

With Dr. Davis's experience as both a clarinetist and a former band director, students will have the benefit of hearing input on their playing not only from the performer perspective but also from a more general perspective with regard for how the clarinet fits into the larger picture of the band, orchestra, and chamber music setting while also learning in-depth techniques on how to break down and prepare solo unaccompanied and with piano repertoire. 

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