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With Dr. Davis's experience, students will have the benefit of hearing input on their playing from both the performer's perspective and a more general perspective, focused on how the clarinet fits into the larger picture of the band, orchestra, chamber music, solo, or unaccompanied setting. Students learn in-depth techniques to break down rhythmic, technical, stylistic, or musical problems.  

Very simply, my job is to teach the students in the way that they learn most effectively and help them gain the skills they need for the purpose of music in their lives moving forward. This means applying a variety of different teaching strategies in each lesson and understanding clearly the goals of each student while exposing them to standard methods and repertoire as well as repertoire by living and diverse composers.

• For the teacher-student relationship to result in long-term success, there must be trust. I work hard to establish a relationship of trust with my students to establish an environment of safety in which to learn from mistakes and be comfortable asking questions. Perfection is not expected – consistent progression is.

• I teach students according to department and degree requirement guidelines with an eye toward graduation and the student's eventual career goals or interests.

• In consultation with the student and after I have a feel for the student's natural learning modalities, I design a long-term plan for success and instruction geared toward using the program's requirements in tandem with the student's goals to guide my instruction and weekly assignments to fulfill that goal.

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